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that's what jazz is for me

small steps in the right direction

before and after science
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said to have been born in a coal mine.

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absolutes and certainties, admiring stephen lewis, agent cooper, arthur dekker, association of autonomous astronauts, beanspilling, beatrice-beatrice gali, being half blind, being half socialist, berlin, blabbermouthing, compulsively buying records, deloreans as time machines, esther duflo, evan solomon, flâner, getting to the point, handsome adam, hanging out in rheumatology, having robot parts, holding a grudge, hunter s thompsonisms, impossible side effects, impressing only myself, invoking the lord's wrath, john glenn's fireflies, judging others, karli marx, keeping jive alive, losing internet arguments, maggie and hopey, making up the facts, messiah complexes, my africabike, noodles, pictures for sad children, prenzlauerberg, punditry by rex murphy, raising a stink, rampant awesomeness, rock&roll league of tomorrow, self-serving motives, shaking my fist, shankings in the pantry, singing along, sleuthing, spilling the beans, stephen reid, superfluous !!!s, susan musgrave, terrible secret of space, the log lady, tina belcher, veronica+logan not duncan, watching liars tell lies, youth crime, zealotry